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Did that law get repealed or expire? They are still covering for the Obama administration. LMFAO. Even got a few border agents killed with those weapons. Blood Gun Money: How America Arms Gangs and Cartels. October 19, 2022 The typical image of violent, heavily armed Mexican drug cartels tends to leave out one very important fact: Texas is the source for many of those guns. They're probably gonna go to super-prison for that. How AMLO Has Fueled Mexico's Drug War. A Hearst Newspapers survey of 1,600 guns purchased mostly in Texas and Arizona which were either shipped to Mexico or intercepted en route shows the Bushmaster .223 AR-15 ranks second among firearms apparently used in drug warfare. Gunmen battled on a beach near Puerto Morelos as tourists scrambled into a Hyatt . I tend to like Belgian, Swiss, German, Austrian, and Italian guns. An estimated 20 attorneys, many based in Texas, are expected to unite to represent Mexico,including six companies they blame for the bulk of recovered crime guns there:Smith & Wesson, Beretta, Century Arms, Colt, Glockand Ruger. We know theyre being illegally trafficked through California into Tijuana. [Theres no way for people to buy guns like those in California, either; they are not ban compliant], In 2018, the homicide rate in Mexico hit a record high of 35,964, spiking 12 percent from the year before, according to the countrys National Institute of Statistics and Geography. Vasquez'sattorney, Silverio Martinez, said he plans to lobby for leniency, even probation, arguing this is his client's first arrest. View of gun butts made of gold, diamonds, emeralds and rubies to form the Mexican flag, in Culiacan, Sinaloa state on July 12, 2011. So, in 2006, they started experimenting with "gunwalking," essentially letting the cartels smuggle guns into Mexico so they could track them down and catch them. Even the much worshiped pre-64 Winchester Model 70s were laughed at by the Europeans when they were first marketed even though the pre-war guns were not all that bad but workmanship after WWII went down rapidly at Winchester. Violence is rampant across Mexico. Miguel Diaz Calderon never made it out of Texas. "The gun traffickers supplying Mexican drug organizations have become more selective and sophisticated in the weapons they acquire,"' said Kristen Rand, legislative director of the Washington-based Violence Policy Center, which extensively studied the issue. Are insane ticket costs pricing Astros fans out of Opening Day? So same basic rules as slinging coffee at Starbucks, only with slightly higher stakes if somebody doesn't buy your fake smile. Called a "technical" by US military.) Its just to easy to buy up second hand guns and ship them to Mexico. Cartel gunmen armed with AK-47s purchased in Arizona overwhelmed the police, killing eight. Besides, the Belgian five-seven was supposed to be the ultimate status symbol], Tijuanas Director of Public Safety, Marco Antonio Sotomayor, says most of the guns flowing into his city come from north of the border. leaks of official weaponry bought by the Mexican military. For more insider perspectives, check out 5 Insane Things I Learned About Drugs As An Undercover Agent and 6 Ways Life In Cartel-Run Mexico Is Nothing Like You Imagine. We've received your submission. Withhold all federal funds from any state if it or any locality is found in violation. He likes tacos. What ARE you waiting on? Our source and his employer had just been drawn into the ATF's latest kooky adventure. Total dead including common citizens, murdered politicians and cartel members was at 115,000 estimated for 2006 thru 2018. Build the wall, Mexico. Just look at the numbers for their drug war: Not many, but America and Mexico arent the only countries making guns. There is strict gun control in Mexico despite the fact that bearing arms is constitutionally protected. Further investigation revealed that from Jan. 21, 2020 to July 11, 2022, Hernandez had purchased 231 handguns 9mm's, .380's and .22's which officials suspect he smuggled into Mexico. "Almost all guns recovered at crime scenes in Mexico 70% to 90% of them were trafficked from the U.S.," the Mexican government claims in its complaint. Mexico: U.S. Supplies 90% Of Cartel's Guns. Mayor: HISD has two optionsclose school or be taken over, Rare photos show 2 ocelots crossing South Texas road, Willie Nelson pays lovely tribute to another country legend. November 23, 2022 Contact: Phone Number: (571) 387-3831 For Immediate Release Debt Collector and Drug Distributor for Cartel Connected, Violent, Drug Distribution Ring, Sentenced to 10 years in Prison Previous slide Next slide Handgun in leather holster Plastic bag of fentanyl pills Move slider to item #1 Move slider to item #2 Newsweek, the defunct print magazine, reports that Mexican drug and crime cartels prefer American-made guns to use against their rivals and innocent Mexican civilians. They know how to pull the wool over your eyes.". For those who never heard about this story. A spokeswoman for Bushmaster did not respond to repeated calls for comment. 2. The tribes in America are not allowed to do things like that, instead they have to follow 3 sets of laws, otherwise a lot of white Americans would move to the reservations for some liberty. Seriously, I feel your pain. The weapons are sold to the cartels, often for three or four times the original price. These firearms couldnt possibly coming through California. It fires the same round as the AK-47 but is significantly shorter and easier to conceal. Into Mexico.. Our own government is gifting military weapons to Mexico & those arms are being used by the cartels. The place is called La Leche and it continues to be one of Vallarta's tourist attractions. A gold-plated AK-47 rifle seized to alleged leader of "The Resistance" drugs cartel, Ramiro Pozos Gonzalez, aka "El Molca", is presented to the press in Mexico City, on September 12, 2012. But, who gave the arms to the Mexican cartels? According to prosecutors, the weapons are believed to belong to the Valencia gang, allies of the powerful Sinaloa drug cartel, and most of the 31 pistols found in the raid had gold or silver-plated grips or glittered with diamonds. Bushmaster describes the AR-15 rifle, a civilian version of the U.S. military's standard-issue M-16, as intended "for law enforcement, security and private consumer use." Why doesnt it stop guns from going through their border into Mexico? 24 of 29 25 of 29 A handgun covered with gold and money sized to alleged financial agent of the drug "Cartel . Also FN57 pistols but, the Barretts were the big one. 2023 USA TODAY, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network, LLC. Our source and his manager didn't call the authorities immediately -- buying a fancy gun with cash isn't illegal; otherwise, how would we have rap videos? Lets review recent history Genius Boy. Modern optics, including AimPoint types and the distinctive Vism ECO 434 model were seen. Damn Democrat Pipeline! Given the record number of murders there last year almost 36,000 Mexicans could certainly use some self-defense tools. weapons to Mexico. MEXICO: Stop the flow of Immigrants going north and maybe we will do something about guns going south across the border. Im having a memory lapsewhich guns are made in Mexico, exactly? Not all of them went to prison, and none of them were cartel bigwigs. 1 Make rioting in public while wearing a mask a felony with mandatory prison time. American firearms power a brutal conflict that has claimed more than 100,000 lives. Investigators found several guns inside the packages, as well as in a secret compartment in the paneling. Officials found 17 handguns in his car. Viewers see this group of teenagers create their own drug organization. This article would have you believe the American guns are coming from civilian sources.. one point left out of the article is that the cartels also like American hand grenades. Agents launched 534investigations, seized $29 million and intercepted more than 1,200 guns,4,700 magazines for semi-automatic and automatic weaponsand 700,000 rounds of ammunition headed to Mexico, Lestrange told The Courier Journalthis month. The Medellin cartel surged to power in the 1980s. The Hearst survey parallel the findings of a Violence Policy Center report from 2009 documenting 21 gun-trafficking court cases involving 1,700 weapons funneled to Mexico, as well as a federal law enforcement report this year, based on 2,921 guns recovered in Mexico and traced to original U.S. purchases between December 2006 and November 2010. If you want to keep guns out of the country, you do not appear to be making any real effort at it. Really, who? NSSF: The Firearms Industry Is Committed to Real Solutions, Todays Hot Weather Daytime Carry: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day, State Judge Issues Order Blocking Enforcement of Illinois Firearms Ban Statewide, Federal Judge Grants Injunction Blocking Enforcement of ATFs Frame or Receiver Rule, Protecting and Serving: Springfield, IL Police Seized Homeowners Gun After Investigating Her Report of a Prowler UPDATED, https://www.npr.org/2019/02/21/696561255/heckler-koch-fined-4-2-million-over-assault-rifle-sales-in-mexico, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexican_Drug_War. "The brand names are inconsequential what matters is that our laws aren't being enforced," said Andrew Arulanandam, director of public affairs for the National Rifle Association. Violence in Mexico has claimed nearly 40,000 lives since President Felipe Calderon began a military offensive aimed at overpowering drug cartels. First manufactured in the 1980s, the M82 rose to prominence during the first Gulf War when it was adopted by theUS military. Colt Super .38 pistol: Colt, based in West Hartford, Conn., is the corporate legacy of Samuel Colt, who popularized the revolver in the years before the Civil War. *awkward shrug*, Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images. The California Maniac could just as easily bought a second hand gun and instead of killing people with it could have made handsome profit by selling it and more like it to Mexico because he is not connected by paperwork to what he is selling. CJNG video shows off high-powered guns:Why a viral drug cartel video showing off tanks and taunts is bad news for the US. Gunmen who left behind at least one M82riflewere seen spraying the armor-plated car ofpolicechief Omar Garcia Harfuch with high-velocity rounds. It's a more powerful version of the Beretta popularized in James Bond novels and films. In May 2008, Mexican federal police raided a suspected trafficker house in Culiacan, a long-standing drug hotbed in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. RELATED:Documents allege Texas DPS spying on Mexico. ", Well, worry not, James, because the victims were mostly-, "And it's not gonna feel any better if I hear about some village in Mexico getting wiped out.". Same guys, different job. So, thats bad, thats a horror. Drug cartels have been using monster type armored cars for about 15 years these recent photos clashes in tamaulipas between cdn and cdg they use m82 m017 barrets also m2 machine guns and 40mm grenades this doesn't happen very far from egle pass texas or mcallen texas . California gun-control activists credited that state's low total to strict state firearms laws that severely limit sales of military-style weaponry. Being monitored by the ATF, so You have lost 4,020 Federal, State, and Municipal Police killed by the cartels. Photo gallery: The top ten favorite guns of the Mexican drug cartels By Will Tucker on July 15, 2011 at 10:07 AM Texas on the Potomac reporter-researcher Will Tucker has compiled a photo. And follow Robert on Twitter. Why was President Biden talking about Utahs 2002 Winter Games at the White House? Of those murders, at least 20,005 were carried out with guns. Automatic guns and rocket-propelled grenades follow drug trade routes back to China, Guatemala, and the black markets in Central and South America. The underground trade of weapons to Mexico is worth hundreds of millions of dollars annuallywith American guns used to kill tens of thousands of Mexicans each year. Say hello to our favorite little Al Pacino movie: The Brian De Palma classic from the '80s that has cemented Tony Montana, his little machine gun friend, and Michelle Pfeiffer's stunning slip dresses in cinema history. (PS, you may want to arm your Civilians so they can fight the cartel) We know theyre being illegally trafficked through California into Tijuana.. ", Yvonne Hemsey/Hulton Archive/Getty Images. Hell, our source might have sold El Chapo that very rifle. Well, crap. I'm a projects reporter, examining key education topics and other local issues. M53 gun truck "LIL SURESHOT", outfitted with a forward fighting box . Mexico: 18 bodies found after suspected drug cartel gun battle The bullet-ridden bodies of 18 men were discovered in Zacatecas state after apparent confrontation between suspected. Hesometimes loaned his SUV tohis employees and his relatives and argues that one of them could have hidden the guns, Martinez said. 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In addition to weapons from the States working better, Mexico cartels view firearms as status symbols, retired DEA agent Jack Riley told The San Diego Union-Tribune: It is really important to these criminal organizations, who stay in business by the threat of violence and through the use of violence; and the tools that they prefer to do that with are American-made guns.. It works the same way when gun runners from the U.S. funnel second hand guns into Mexico. not mexican. Mexico is suing US gun makers, arguing that millions of American guns have illegally flowed across the border and fueled homicide rates. One exhibit features weapons seized from cartel members. Soldiers stand guard around a presentation of arms captured in an operation against the Gulf cartel in Mexico City, Friday, Nov. 7, 2008. Whats so hard to understand about that? Workers repair the facade of City Hall riddled with bullet holes in Villa Union, Mexico, in December 2019, after a gun battle between a heavily armed drug cartel assault group and security forces. Within the next 45 minutes to an hour, they would come in. "But we also know most of the violence the Mexican government is concerned about against police and against institutions is coming from CJNG and the Sinaloa Cartel" run by the notorious kingpin "El Chapo,"Lestrange said. The M82 can easily penetrate bulletproof vests, concrete walls and even tanks, says its manufacturer Barrett Firearms. It would help gangs and cartels to increase their presence and elevate homicide and crime rates in the U.S. As troll names go, yours is especially stupid. I would like to buy Holder and Obama for what they are worth, to sell them for what they THINK theyre worth. Maybe, he'll see this and send a thank you card. It costs between $8,000 and $10,000, and it can literally put a bullet through most light tanks. NPR's Steve Inskeep speaks with Ioan Grillo about the illegal flow of guns from the U.S. to Mexico. After paying the piso and traveling throughCoahuila, Diaz still wouldhave faced a 14-hour drive south toMichoacn. Use Next and Previous buttons to navigate. Army officials said they confiscated 288 assault rifles, 500,000 rounds of ammunition, numerous grenades and several .50-caliber rifles at a house in the city of Reynosa, across the border from McAllen, Texas. Or is it because the CA border is not a barrier to trafficking contraband? Guns and munitions confiscated to alleged Mexican drug dealers Alberto Sanchez Hinojosa aka "El Tony", Francisco Arteaga Espino and Leonel Cruz Hernandez are displayed to the press in Mexico City on September 7, 2008. Not the party of civil rights,, wait the Democratic Party is not nor has it ever been the Party of Civil Rights as it has always opposed and still opposes the Constitution; it has been and continues to be the Party of Civil Right Suppression, the Party of Slavery, the Party of the KKK, the Party who opposed voting rights,, (just Google it, Google any historic Democratic Politician in history). Acosta and others like him across the. Meanwhile, the Mexican government blames prominent U.S. gun manufacturers for the influx of cartel weaponsin its lawsuit against them in federal court in Boston. The article, titled, "The U.S. Must Defeat Mexico's Drug Cartels", . Tijuanas Director of Public Safety, Marco Antonio Sotomayor, says most of the guns flowing into his city come from north of the border. You took their 4473 and transcribed all that, then it asked what type of transaction it was, how many 100s, how many 50s, how many 10s, ones. Criminal gangs that wish to project power often post photos on social media of their members toting M82 gunsand latest military gadgets, mimicking the style of special forces units. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, and check out another How To Solve The Country's Gun Problem, and watch other videos you won't see on the site! Explain again how the two assists are not in prison for supplying weapons to know criminals that used the weapons to kill US citizens. The problem isnt cartels sneaking (civilian) guns from the U.S. Of course, thats not primary the message Newsweek and the mainstream media (not to mention Mexican officials) want readers to take away from their report. No way the Democrats would support increasing the numbers of guns in the world. Agents launched 534 investigations, seized $29 million and intercepted more than 1,200 guns, 4,700 magazines for semi-automatic and automatic weapons and 700,000 rounds of ammunition headed to. Its all too easy to legally ship a batch of guns to a South American Corrupt Government that just happens to have some come up missing and they get sold to drug cartels for big bucks. filed a lawsuit in theUS District Court in Massachusetts against the company and 10 other gun manufacturers. Not with all their progressive laws. All of the straw buyers were arrested in one fell swoop in 2011. Also, follow us on Facebook, and we'll follow you forever. Cartels seek out military-grade weapons, he said: "The bigger the better.". Only if your definition of a thing is existing in quiet obsolescence. Email us here. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This, by the way, is the Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle: It costs between $8,000 and $10,000, and it can literally put a bullet through most light tanks. National Police Chief Gen. Oscar Naranjo, holds a handgun seized to Colombian drug lord and former paramilitary leader Pedro Guerrero Castillo, known as "Cuchillo" (Knife), as he speaks during a press conference in Bogota, Colombia, on December 29, 2010. Under tight security, an anonymous New York federal court jury deliberated for three days before reaching a verdict in the drug trafficking case against ex-Public Security Secretary Genaro Garca Luna. For thecartels, the M82 has also become a status symbol. So CA is itself one of those neighboring States that is (cough) responsible for illegal firearms/use across a boundry? Some suspects won't talk after their arrests and othersadmit smuggling guns but claim they don't know the names of the buyers or the cartel involved. "The majority of weapons we've seized since we started this operation have been in the corridor by Laredo, Texas from Laredo to El Paso," he said. CDC reinstates mask recommendation for planes, trains, While U.S. hits new job quitting record, this man set his own record 84 years at the same company, The U.S. housing market is historically overvalued. Blaming Californias laws for failing is about as stupid as blaming Blaming Democrats for inter city crime but thats another story thats way over your head. Mexican officials want to disarm America so the can finally claim Texas again and spread there filth into the lungs and veins of every Godless heathen that exists :). Exactly, if America had adopted Mexican-style gun control, it probably wouldve had as many mass shootings as Mexico has had in the past 30 years. The perfect moment to strike, of course! They want to disarm the USA as they arm who they want. Officers found all of those brands, except Century Arms,in the shipments smuggled by Diaz, court records show. Reports suggest the Fast and Furious guns are tied to at least 69 killings. John Boch, you said: It was going on all over the city -- we knew we weren't the only store -- you've got plenty of evidence, you know where they live. ", Once the purchase was completed and the "customer" left the store, " the money was counted with the cameras watching it. SALT LAKE CITY A Utah woman is heading to federal prison for buying dozens of high powered rifles for Mexican drug cartel members. Of course, these same quoted Mexican officials made no mention of changing their own to laws to allow the little people to own some cold steel with which they could protect themselves and their families from corrupt federales and cartel predators. Are ticket costs pricing Houston Astros fans out of Opening Day? As far as American guns being the best. So, you would come in, say hello, shoot the shit, ask him about his kid. Its a weapon of war, added the official. Diaz, who pleaded guilty, and Vasquezareawaiting sentencing. Enough-time for real action. In 2019, a record 68 such weapons were captured. The English actor found the good side of being bad, Bad news that cult recovery group just might be a cult. Then, he says, 'Oh, I've been interested in the Barrett.' Weapons and jewelry seized to alleged leader of "El Cartel del Golfo" Jorge Eduardo Costilla Sanchez, aka "El Coss", are presented to the press in Mexico City, on September 13, 2012. Distraction. SHARE AK-47 favorite gun of Alfred Guzman and Ivan Guzman are the sons of Joaqun (El Chapo) Guzmn Loera better known as the infamous kingpin of the Sinaloa cartel, which is North America's post powerful, and feared, organization trafficking drugs and laundering money worldwide. The cartel can trace its roots to the 1960s and '70s, when farming families entered the marijuana business.